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I Believe It Was Picasso Who Said
We Were ALL Born Creative
Immediately Learning How NOT
To Be That Way

Much Of Life
Distracts Us
From The Very Process
That Helps Us

Many Of Us Feel We
Are NOT Naturally Creative
We Go Along, We Go Along
Doing That And This And This And That

Until That Special Day When
An Epiphany Of Sorts
It Has The Earmarks Of,
''What Have I Been Thinking
Up Until Now?''
''Did I Really Believe In
The Easter Bunny?''

We Learn Many Things That
Distract Us From What
Is Real
But, After The Epiphany
The Value Of Everything
Takes On A Different Importance
The Order Becomes Different
We NOW Allow Ourselves To See
We NOW Allow Ourselves To Feel
Without The Distraction Of
What We've Been Told Or Taught

Unlearning Has Simplicity
As Its Goal
And Sloughs Off
The Unnecessary

We Are Almost Back To
Where We Started
But, More Aware
As Pristine And Naked As A
Baby's Butt

Ah! The Lunch Bell!
 Peanut Butter + Jelly Time!

Sunday, August 16, 2015