Sunday, April 1, 2007


''The Technology We ALL Seem So Good At''

---I use to call it, ‘’Cover-Your-Butt,’’ technology, but it is just clear and plain, ‘’Saving Face.’’ We HATE to look bad. And, we will do a whole lot of things, to be sure this doesn’t happen. We go to great lengths, to be sure. This is why there is so much Hypocrisy.
---We have such a difficulty telling the truth, sometimes. We are worried that we will look bad. We worry that we will be seen in a light that is NOT attractive. We might be seen from an angle that exposes our vulnerabilities.
---We ALL have these so-called flaws, but run from that thought and DON’T admit them, even to our selves. We would rather show, everyone, our own version of, ‘’how perfect we think we are.’’ We spend much of our time pretending, which we think is for each other, but it is really for our own, sake.
---This really is just another way of saying that we protect our self-image. To shed some light on why we do this. A lot of people spend a lot of time, running everything into the ground, and that includes us. Much of our response is countering others. We are compensating for what others are doing, and sometimes to us.
---People say a lot of what they say, to make themselves, look-good. To save face. Be Well.
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Sanford, the Parrot, is saving the end of cartoon. We try to SAVE-FACE in many different ways. I think Twinkles was a cereal.