Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The ''BEAUTY''

---We want to see commiseration in a positive light instead of the negative connotation that it now has. We see commiseration as essentially two people getting together and ''bitching'' about something. They are usually running, whatever it is, into the ground.
---The thing or situation doesn't really stand a chance when this negative onslaught begins, but, if NOT acted upon and they are expressing real emotion, then they are ''just'' clearing out their insides - Maybe, even for something more positive. This seems to be a good
---We must remember this - ''Two Negatives Make A Positive.'' This also works in Human Behavior. Two people, even being very negative, will find their ''agreeing'' to be positive. They now have a ''bond'' between them.
---In the telling of the way they see it, they should be ''saying'' the Truth, eventually, and are speaking from their own voice. The ''Truth will be that which sets them free.''
---This is the way you are following how you really feel. Through this complete denial of the way it is seen, you are then seeing it very clearly, yourself. It Is in this same way that Krishnamurti says that Negative thinking, (Negating ALL Things,) is the highest form of intelligence.

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