Saturday, February 8, 2014

NAKEDness - A NEW Wrinkle

NAKEDness - A New Wrinkle.

---We all know how babies are born, don't we? A man and a woman ''get'' together and produce a third-a baby, a child, an offspring, etc. This works the same way in all of Nature. This is the NO THRILLS, NO FRILLS approach. This is the 'Classic'' way that we have populated the planet. Two combine to make a third. We have many words for this togetherness, some I can print here, some I can't. But we do know that this is how sex works.

---Two combine to make a Third. This is the dynamic I want to speak about. Do you know that this occurs all the time, for everyone? Whenever someone communicates with someone else they produce a Third, an Offspring. This Third is their Relationship, their ''Child.'' This ''Child'' has to be nurtured in about the same way, also, to reach its fullest potential. It does not matter what gender, what species, what you look like, who you are etc., this is the Way it is. Two beget a Third, when communication exists, even if one is not good at it. This is the idea behind ''Celibacy.'' One uses the 'Life Force' in this way, instead of the sexual response we are more used to.
---If you have a relationship with the Butcher, the Baker, the Candlestick Maker, it still works the same. It could be a dog ar a cat. Anything. It works the same. When Two communicate...they produce this Third, the Relationship.

---So, it seems it is about Communication. Then, where is all this Nakedness we've been promised? It comes in the form of Honest Communication. It can be sometimes very difficult to be Naked in this way.


---Now the kicker-The more we tell the Truth and the more Honest the communication we have, then the more Naked we are. There is a lot of strength in this kind of vulnerability. The Relationship then tends more to this thing called Love, which is The Great Unifier. Love brings Everything together. In this way we can see that the Three (the two who Communicate and their Relationship) have become One, and that Communication is at the Heart of the matter. Does this sound familiar? It also holds the makings of a 'Family.'

---To start this process, where do we begin? Well, as with everything, it starts with Yourself. Begin by telling the truth to Yourself. This is not as easy as it sounds. We fool ourselves in many ways. Somehow being right, winning, or looking good, takes the place of being Honest, even with Ourselves. The old self-image problem again. When we toss and turn, are not sleeping, have pangs of conscience etc., it is usually an Honesty issue. If we begin by telling the truth to ourselves, about how we really feel, we begin the process.

---Remember, being honest does not mean we attack people with our ''Honesty.'' Tact and diplomacy always fits in there somewhere.


---The reason we avoid telling ourselves the truth is because we avoid Knowing ourselves. We think that if someone, or even ourselves, knows the truth about us, they wouldn't like us or some variation of this theme. Sometimes we compensate by going the other direction and ''think'' we're better than others. This couldn't be further from the Truth. We are ALL Equal. We ALL have flaws. We are ALL working on this in a personal way. Loving and accepting ourselves as we are, is not the easiest thing that we do, but this is how we Learn and Perfect. We develope through trial and error.

---Don't worry so much about being right, but just be honest with Yourself. You will find that being right and being honest becomes the SAME thing, eventually. You will feel better and be better. Remember, telling the truth to yourself…becomes a habit like any other, but it is one of the good habits to acquire. Be Well.
I know that to some folks, this video crosses some kind of line that many people have inside. I think that many are not used to being NAKED or HONEST...this way. If only the words are listened to, much is being said that I have said ALL along. Personally...I think this is a wonderful video. I think that the message is right on.

Being yourself is what it is saying. Accepting yourself as you called faults and THE place to begin. To be a call to be HONEST. It is important that one is honest (naked) with himself. It is really NOT about the wearing or not wearing clothes. I hope that you can see this. I think that if/when society learns that naked and honesty are synonyms in this way...we will have taken a step forward!

Do yourself a favor and pay attention to the message and really hear this video. Don't watch...but, only listen if you find the nudity distracting. The video has a very good message, I think the message is a poignant puzzle piece to the true seeker.

We see that the more HONEST we are and the more we ACCEPT OURSELVES, the less self-concerned we are. This frees us to be more loving and more able to listen. WE ARE BETTER AT BEING LOVING. We can smell the roses. Be Well.